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  1. Teddy

    What are the requirements to run with the bulls? especially if you’re a foreigner? are there tips on what to do or not do? have to sign a waiver? guess i would need to make sure i have health insurance…lol…gotta bring my Cigna card….hehe

    • The Blonde Abroad

      No requirements to run! Just balls (not literally lol) Just be respectful of the culture and customs. Typically on the morning of the first run everyone has stayed out all night drinking and shows up at 7am still drenched in Sangria. Traditionally, women are not supposed to run, but they do. No waivers. Run at your own risk. My only advice is that it’s not the bulls to worry about, it’s rather that you avoid getting caught in the crowd, tripping and getting trampled. I didn’t actually run but that seems to be the most common advice.

  2. Kelly

    Could you explain more of your experience of the bullfighting and why you didn’t like it? Are their certain events you wouldn’t recommend?

    • Hey babe! It has to do with the ethics of bullfighting and animal cruelty.