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  1. Jessica

    I’ve been home for about 4 weeks now from my study abroad trip in Australia. I’ve always been the kind of girl to dream of my wedding day and my prince. Before I even left for Oz, I was scared that I would catch the travel bug and not want to go home, well that happened! I’ve been in a serious relationship for almost 4.5 years and my boyfriend was very supportive of my trip to Oz. Now that I am home, I am yearning to go back…Oz felt like home. I’m scared to lose my boyfriend, because he is such a great guy, but I don’t want to not see the world…I hate having this feeling of mixed emotions.

    • Hey Jessica! Australia is an amazing place so its easy to see why you fell in love with it. Decisions are hard to make and the “travel bug” is hard to fight, but you have to do what ultimately feels right (and what will make you happy!). Maybe suggest a trip with you boyfriend to show off your second home- you never know, he could fall in love with it too!