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  1. Adam Engle

    Hey we are setting off to Iceland next week. Ive been looking into travel insurance for camper van issues if encountered. I called World Nomads and they say they do not cover camper vans. What company did you book through for your camper? Thanks for your website!

    • Happy Campers offers different insurance options through their site. Contact them for more info!

  2. Anastasiya

    Thank you for very useful tips! But I’m wondering if it’s so comfortable to ride by Icelandic roads on campervan? We had such experience in Tasmania and on gravel road it’s pretty hard to move fast (in-house stuff fell down, lots of dust in the car). I heard that in Iceland lots of roads in the same condition… Was it a problem during your round trip?

    • Hey babe! You can’t take the vans off any of the roads. There are road restrictions, so you’ll be on paved roads. The car rental companies will also tell you which roads you aren’t allowed to take the van onto.

      • Anastasiya

        Yes, sure. But my question was about allowed roads which are gravel. If there are lots of kilometers of such roads that will be a problem for traveling in van. Thanks!