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    I’m planning to go to Vietnam for a month in summer, but I heard from a friend that Vietnam has become too touristy and I’m better off going to Cambodia. I did some more research and have found people saying they had a bad time in Vietnam because people are disrespectful, blatantly overcharge, and are just generally rude. As a solo female traveller I was wondering if I am better off going to Cambodia, or Myanmar because of this or will Vietnam be ok?

  • lily le
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    Hi Guys,

    Vietnam is very safe and good country with beautiful natural spot with the world natural heritage Halong bay, it’s not to be missed, highly recommend you to visit it. More over, Vietnam is cheaper than Cambodia, entrance fees, food, hotel very cheap. In Cambodia is expensive 2 times. Trust me, you will enjoy your time in Vietnam for sure

  • Marta
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    I live in Vietnam and also traveled here before as a tourist. Yes, Vietnamese do have a bad rep with tourists. Vietnam has the lowest percentage of return tourists compared to other southeast Asian countries. However, when I came here as a solo tourist I had no problems and I enjoy living here. My advice would be to pay a little more and get a reputable local tour guide/company. They will “protect” you a little bit from the more aggressive people in the tourist trade. Avoid super-backpacker type places. The cheaper you travel, the “rougher” your experience will be here. Also be careful of theft/scams. That is a big problem in VN, even for those of us who live here, and for Vietnamese too. Theft/break-ins are rampant in Ha Noi and HCMC.
    Vietnam is still learning the hospitality trade and customer service. Don’t let it put you off. This is an interesting country, with a rich history, that is going through rapid changes.

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