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  • Joelle Vachon
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    Hey Kiersten,

    I know you’re a busy girl but I always adore your blog and think you’re just the girl a need for advice on this one. lol
    My little sister and I are heading to Europe for a month this summer and her birthday is coming up and I kinda want to make her a travel essential care package for roughly about 100$-150$. If you could give me any tips or MUST HAVES that would be great. Let me know.

    I look forward to hearing from you!
    Joelle 🙂

  • Kiersten Rich
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    Hey Joelle!

    I had planned on writing a blog post for you but I wanted to make sure I gave you some tips in time to make her a care package.

    I definitely like to gift things that are more practical that people probably wouldn’t think to buy for themselves. Here are some of my favs that are within your budget:

    Fitbelt: Great alternative to a money belt that she can wear over yoga pants or under a top when she’s out exploring or going for a run.

    Vapur Water Bottle: My favorite travel water bottle that rolls up super tiny so she can always have it on her without it taking up space.

    Cute Compression Socks: To keep her legs comfortable on that international flight

    Aroamas: Super cute Australian brand of solid perfume perfect for travel

    Cute Luggage Tag: Practical but thoughtful

    Cute Passport Cover: Because you know she’s going to want to post a photo in the airport with her passport before she takes off 😉

    Here are a couple extra gift guides that you may want to reference:

    The Ultimate Travel Gift Guide

    10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Female Travelers

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