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    Check out my guide: 3-Day Homestay Tour in Sapa, Vietnam

    Guide Recommendation: Hong, she is a female tour guide whom I personally used and recommend (contact details below!)

    Cost of Tour: I do not remember exact amounts as I traveled there in 2011, but I remember it being under $200. Hong may have changed her rates in the past few years though.

  • hong
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    Nice to have People from your site.
    I still do tour with People.
    I have a Café in sapa and give motorbike for rent.
    My adress is 07 xuan vien in Sapa.
    Name Café is Moment.

    Greeting Hong
    Used wattsapp

    • Colette & Jessica
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      Hi Kiersten,

      My cousin Jessica messaged you on Saturday about a 3 day homestay with Hong. We have messaged her twice via WhatsApp. It shows both messages have been read but we have not heard a response. Do you have any other suggestions on how to reach her or do you have anyone else you can refer us to?

      Thanks so much,


    • Sara
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      Hello! I loved the pictures you posted! I am traveling to Vietnam this summer with a friend and would love to get in contact with Hong if she’s doing tours then.

    • Jeannette
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      Hello Hong! Are you still doing tours? I will be in Vietnam on 22 of Sept for a few days and interested in your homestay. Are you still available?

  • Christine
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    Has anyone had any luck getting in contact with Hong? I believe she is pregnant however, both my mails have been read but I have not heard back from her.

    Would anyone be able to suggest another guide for a Sapa homestay? Or a website to book through alternatively?

    I arrive in Hanoi in mid-April so i would really love to get this organised soon. Thanks for any info or help anyone can provide.

    • Jenni
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      I too will be there mid April and would like to do a homestay in Sapa…any new info about Hong??,

  • Sonya
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    I am also interested in hearing about any other recommended Sapa home stays since Hong is expecting soon.

  • Jill
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    I have contacted Hong yesterday about touring in March. Since she is pregnant, she is no longer running tours. She also mentioned that she does not have contact for any other private guides because most work with companies.

    Have a beautiful time in Vietnam to everyone!


  • Brooke
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    I’m in a similar boat as many of you! I’ll be visiting Hanoi in mid April and was hoping to look into a private tour of Sapa. I’ve been doing a bit of research and have found this female run company called Sapa Sisters. Has anyone heard of them or have had anyone they know do a tour with them? Thanks!

  • Hanna
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    Hey everybody,
    Since Hong does not seem to do tours anymore, I was wondering if you could recommend anyone else to me. That would be great! I’ll be in Hanoi Saturday night and will probably take a night train on Sunday.
    Thx Hanna

  • Mandy
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    Hi Kiersten,

    Do you know if Hong still does Homestays? I know she was pregnant but not sure if she had her baby yet and if she will be available. I tried her number but it doesn’t seem to work with Whatsapp. I will be in Sapa in mid Oct and after reading your blog, I would love to stay with her.


    • Caroline
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      I’m also interested! I’ll be there early to mid December, would love to see if Hong is also available.

    • Caroline
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      I’m also interested! I’ll be there early to mid December, would love to see if Hong is also available.

  • Katie Beth
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    Is Hong still doing home stay visits? I am hoping to be in Hanoi from June 6-13, and would love to do a Sapa Home Stay with Hong. How can I get in touch with her?

    Happy travels and best wishes!

    Katie Beth

  • Nathalie Baert
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    Hello Kiersten!

    I just read through your blog posts and got so expired to travel to Vietnam on my own!
    I’m 21 years old and I come from Belgium. Currently I’m doing an exchange in Hong Kong but I would love to travel to Vietnam as soon as I finish my semester.
    I was thinking of going to Vietnam around the 20th of December until the 30th of December.
    Do you by any chance know whether Hong is still available to do tour guides? Or if there are perhaps any other tour guides that are helpful? 🙂

    I’m looking forward hearing form you!

    Kind regards,

  • Seema
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    Hi Kiersten! Love your blog and would absolutely love to stay with Hong and do the 3 day tour in Sapa 12/1-12/3. I’m also a female solo traveller. Is there a way to contact Hong? I am unable to reach her via whatsapp. Is there an email address? Thank you! 🙂

    • Kiersten Rich
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      Unfortunately I only have the Whatsapp number for her, but she says it is still working– make sure you’re formatting the number correctly on Whatsapp 🙂

  • Stefanie
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    Hi there,

    Loved reading this blog!
    I’d love to do a tour with Hong if she is still available and doing private tours?

    Kind regards

  • Susana
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    Hi Everyone,

    Hong does still do tours- I visited in Feb. 2017. I loved getting to stay with families and learn about the culture, and knowing that the money was going direct to the families instead of hotels or tourism companies. There is a new 4-6 hr bus that leaves and returns from the old quarter in Hanoi, and the bus has beds on it, so you can sleep during the ride. (TIP: on the way back, be sure to get a bed on the right hand side of the bus, to see the amazing views descending the mountains of SAPA.) The bus cost about $20 round trip.

    The highlight for me was a medicine bath- a lovely hot herbal soak in a large wooden barrel. I slept better than I had in weeks that night! I also liked trekking and walking around each town. You can also ask to help cook dinner, and the hosts let me do very easy tasks like wrapping the spring rolls. At one of the host houses, I paid a little extra to get to make my own batik print with wax and indigo dye.

    If you do go in February, please know that it is still very cold in Sa Pa, and bring lots of layers and warm cloths. Also, the vistas won’t be as colorful as in Kierstin’s pictures- it’s very foggy. Beautiful, austere and atmospheric in it’s own way, but not what you see in the blog post. I loved the moody views, especially through the bamboo forrest.

    All homes have a plug to charge your phone for pictures, and one of the homes I stayed in had wifi. But, I also bought a SIM card at the airport in Hanoi, and really liked being able to pull up maps to locate where I was and having access to send texts to my family while I was traveling solo.

    Thank you, Keirsten and Hong, for giving me the courage to travel by myself! It was a life-changing experience.


    • Laura
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      Do you remember the name of the bus that is only a 4-6 hr ride from Hanoi? I know it used to be about 9 hours, I am surprised they have been able to reduce the travel time so much!

    • Shefika
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      Susana, How did you get in touch with Hong? I tired the number above and was unable to message her.
      Let me know please.

  • lily le
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    Hi Guys,

    Before bus often take 9 to 10 hour to reach sapa but Now there is new highway from Hanoi to Sapa, it takes only 6 hour to reach sapa. It has morning sleeping bus from 7 a.m and reach sapa at 12 noon or evening bus start at 22:00, reach Sapa around 4 a.m. I just visited vietnam last month. I booked Halong bay and sapa tour with indochina charming travel, they offer me very good price, better price than other travel agent and cheaper than i book Halong bay cruise on agoda.com or booking.com. She offer me Halong bay 3 star cruise with only 90$/person, Sapa 3 days 2 nights package, overnight in homestay and hotel ( going by bus) with only 120$. The tour service is very good and price is decents. Overall, recommend you to book trip with this company. You can contact with mrs Anna ( email: [email protected] or whatsapp phone: +84978041500)


  • Aart
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    Hong make still tours aroud Sapa.

    For Lily.
    Your mail is not oké. I think you No why??
    The tour you make is in a big group. They Make the tour…not the tourist.!!!

    I Will asking Kirsten to delete you message.

    Hong’s telf.nr.0084975565365
    [email protected]

    One year ago Hong stop with her café moment in Sapa.
    She is living now outside sapa in Ma tra on the way to ta phin.
    The tour from Hong is different from other compagnies. People… make the tour with Hong,they No.
    Special the tour so you like.

    Kirsten i Will ask to delete the message from lily.i think you No what the want.

    Hong and Aart

  • Riaan Hamilton
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    Just started 3 day tour with Hong. Best decision we could have made. Thanks for this blog

    • Sian
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      Hi Riaan,

      How did you arrange your tour?

  • Ronit Davis
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    I just wanted to post an update about touring with Hong. I did a 3-day homestay with her at the beginning of this month. She is still running tours and is very easy to contact through whatsaap, she just took a short break while pregnant with her daughter. I cannot recommend her tour enough, I enjoyed it so much. Her husband, Art and herself are so hospitable and welcoming, and they are in the process of creating what will undoubtedly be the best homestay in Sapa, on the top floor of their home. Hong has a few different people around the community she works with to let you experience many of the different cultures and aspects of life in Sapa, including trekking, homestays and medicine baths. My friend did one of the many group tours and hearing about it made me realize how unique Hong’s tour actually is, moreover she is very flexible in how she runs it so if you need to do something or prefer one thing over another, she will accommodate it. I feel very grateful that I got to experience Sapa with Hong, and be welcomed into her home by her lovely family and gorgeous puppy!! It was a highlight of my few weeks in Vietnam and worth every penny. If you want an authentic experience- this is it!!

  • Danielle
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    What is the contact information for HONG? Thins sounds absolutely amazing.

  • Jia
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    Hi Kiersten, thank you for sharing about Hong – and thanks Davis for giving an update – I will be making a trip to Hanoi next week and have tried calling Hong’s number (per listed above by Aart) but it’s an empty number? I also emailed her but have not been replied yet. I do not have Whatsapp but happy to just call – Davis, do you mind sharing her number? Thanks so much, xx

  • Jiajia
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    Never mind – I just installed Whatsapp and got in touch with her 🙂

  • Sarah
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    How do you message Hong on Whatsapp?

    • ramanya
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      for whatsapp: +84975565365

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