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    Hi Kiersten,

    We chatted a bit on Twitter a few weeks back, and I’m wondering how you were able to walk away from a corporate job in order to travel? You’re story is quite fascinating and has me a bit jealous.

    I’ve been feeling quite dissatisfied with my corporate job as a sales manager lately and would love to figure out a way to walk away from it in order to travel.

    I’m 37, and after 2 trips to Africa the past 2 years the travel bug has truly bitten me. It also made me realize it’s easy to be sucked into the North American way of the #1 focus in life being a career and own more stuff then the next person. It’s not the life I want, and I’ve made it a goal to make adjustments to my life over the next year or two to make change possible.

    Thanks for sharing your story and any tips you might have. You’re truly an inspiration!

    Nathan Friesen

  • Kiersten Rich
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    Hey Nathan!

    When I first started traveling, I had saved up a few thousand dollars and moved to Australia where I worked for a company. So, for 6 weeks there, I was able to hold onto my savings. I then went to SE Asia after that where you can easily travel on $20 a day or even less depending on your travel style.

    I often explain to people, that with long-term travel, while it looks really super awesome from the outside, isn’t for everyone. I’ve been traveling for almost 4 years now (on and off) and have made blogging my career, but it’s exhausting. Constant travel can be seriously taxing on your health. I have always come back to Cali between trips because I don’t like being on the go for months on end. Then there are plenty of people who haven’t gone “home” in 3 years! To each their own.

    My first advice is to seriously consider what you think would be most rewarding for you. Is it a career break? Perhaps, 3 months or so abroad, then settling down somewhere and really focusing on getting your dream job, or even starting you own business? Or, maybe a year around the world? Or, maybe all you need is the flexibility to take a couple week-long to 2-week long trips a year?

    There are tons companies and career paths that allow flexibility with a work schedule.

    The other little bitty is realizing that taking a break from your career will not hinder your future career. Many companies want employees that have travel experience and that have some life experiences under their belt. It’s always the #1 topic of conversation I’ve had with employers. Yes, even I have interviewed with companies over the last 3 years deciding whether I should stop traveling and pursue a more stable career.

    As much as I love traveling, I also miss a daily routine & schedule.

    Would you believe that after 3 years of traveling, each company I interviewed with offered me a job? And in the end, I turned them down and put everything I had into my brand, which is now a profitable company. With risk comes reward 😉

    So, long story short, spend some time figuring out what you really want to do, how you would most like to travel, and what career you would be most fulfilled in. While it’s female focused, my new “Kicking the Cubicle” interview series might be inspiring to you: https://theblondeabroad.com/category/kicking-the-cubicle

  • Nathan
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    Thanks so much for the advice Kiersten! This helps a lot & puts things in perspective for me. Currently I’m in India for just short of 3 weeks.

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