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  • Megan Bender
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    My name is Megan and Im planning on traveling in the next 2 years after graduating college. I was looking at different countires on where I wanna go to like Sweden, Ireland, Iceland, Croatia etc. and was wondering about places to stay. Since I wanna do solo traveling I was wondering what other solo travelers do for places either in the cities or out in the parks like camping. Along with other necessities. Im very new to what to do when it comes to traveling solo. 🙂

    Thank You,

    Megan Bender

  • Kiersten Rich
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    Hi Megan,

    Those are awesome destinations! Croatia and Iceland are probably at the top of my list so far, so I’m positive you’ll have some great experiences.

    As a solo traveler, I would say that most opt for hostels due to the social factor they provide as well as the inexpensive rates compared to hotels. I would check out HostelWorld for reviews and booking information. In some destinations, you may find Airbnb accommodations are cheaper and more private. Always check out your options and go with what you’re most comfortable with!

    Safe and happy travels! xx

  • Janis
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    I am traveling to Thailand on my own but looking for accommodation that is better than a hostel. Should I pre book my accommodation before leaving or should I rather book accommodation when I arrive?
    Many Thanks

  • Carol Li
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    Hi Kiersten

    I would love to travel solo to Japan in 2017. Please can you offer any advice on how I can find out about and book mid price accommodation and make sense of using public transport when travelling around Japan, I especially want to see Kyoto and Tokyo? Thank you.


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