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  • Natalie
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    Hi Kiersten!! I just love your blog and your story!! Your tweets and updates always make me smile and feel inspired.
    So my question for you is how do you stay fit while traveling…or have you ever done wellness/fitness focused trips at all?

    Thank you and I hope you’re having an awesome time….it looks like you’re exploring the southern USA wahoo (I’m in the midwest and am longing for some more sunshine)!

  • Kiersten Rich
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    Hey Natalie! Great to hear from you and thanks so much for the kind words!

    I recently wrote some of my top tips for staying fit while traveling which you can read here.

    For me, 99.999% is diet. And not like “I don’t eat anything” or “restrict myself” type of diet. I can crush half a dark chocolate bar without blinking. After eating pasta. But, I’ve learned to listen to my body.

    I think the biggest thing is routine. Not shocking your body at every meal. I pretty much have the same breakfast and snacks every day. I also don’t eat meat (but not sure that has anything to do with it). I eat fish occasionally.

    I also have freed myself of guilt- also something I believe is a big factor in maintaining a healthy weight. I swear, your body processes food differently depending on your mental state. So if you’re going to have that croissant you gotta believe you effing deserve it. And your body will too.

    And of course, everything in moderation. I graze vs having three big meals. I usually have a filling breakfast and snack on healthy stuff all day until dinner. But I also make sure I don’t go into dinner STARVING or let myself feel hungry throughout the day. That way I don’t overeat.

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  • Hillary
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    Hey Kirsten!
    I have a question that kind of relates to health. I’m from New York and I’m headed to Indonesia as my FIRST trip out of the country. I was wondering how your thoughts are on Jet Lag and getting through the super long flights? I’m kind of nervous about going so far away!

    Thanks for your help,

    • Pieter
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      Hi Hillary,
      they say that it will take you 1 day of recup per hour of time difference. I think you are flying to the west? That means you’ll suffer less from jetlag when going there. When coming back, you’ll suffer more. And suffering is a big word πŸ™‚ If you are young and fit it wont botter you so much.
      Last year, we (with my wife and three kids) flew from Brussels to Toronto to explore Ontario. Going there was no problem at all, but coming back was a week of sleepless nights…
      This winter we will go to southeast Asia, NZ and Austalia. It’ll be a 24h flight getting there… I’m also curious what it’ll do to us πŸ™‚
      Have a great trip, and try to sleep on the plane πŸ˜‰

  • Cora
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    I have been a big fan o your website and I had a couple of questions for you. You have been a big inspiration to me and I was wondering how you keep in shape while traveling the world. If you don’t mind me saying you have a very nice figure. So I was wondering how you keep it so well. Are you on a high workout regime or are you dieting when you come home. Every time I travel I always end up gaining a lot of weight even though I am always moving. What are your suggestions and how to handle health on the road. I recently saw you went on a yoga retreat in Bali. Do you do yoga if so what kind? Sorry I realize that there are a lot of questions. But ideally I would love to keep traveling and not gain so much weight each time I do!! I would thoroughly love your feedback and details to what works for you! Thanks!!

  • Michelle
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    I have a similar question to Coras- how do maintain a fitness routine while traveling? I know you’ve written posts on different fitness and health ideas but what specifically do you do to make it a habit? I’m traveling right now and always struggle with this- when I’m in one place I find it easy to have a workout routine or join a gym but while traveling every day is different.


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