Fall Travel Style Guide: 2016 Edition

With the new style trends this season, I've put together my favorite pieces to help spice up your fall travel style and suitcase!

5 Travel Essentials You Shouldn’t Skimp On

I love saving cash as much as the next traveler does, but there are just some travel essentials that you cannot skimp on!

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Exploring Old San Juan in a Day

Exploring Old San Juan in a day can be summed up in a single word: colorful. With only one day to spend in OSJ, I wanted to see and do as much as possible.

Business Travel Gift Guide for The Girl Boss

For the girl on the go, the woman entrepreneur, and #GirlBoss in your life, here is the ultimate business travel gift guide of essentials and must-haves!

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Packing in one suitcase is a smart, efficient, and cost effective way to travel. Here's our tips to successfully pack in one suitcase as a couple!

2015 Travel Gift Guide for Female Travelers

This holiday travel gift guide for the female traveler will help you shop for that special, wanderlusting lady in your life!

What to Pack for a Week in Whistler

The weather in Whistler in the winter is cold, but could also depend on what the snowfall is like. Here's what to pack for a week in Whistler in the winter!

What to Pack for a Week in Iceland

If you're traveling to a climate so different from your own, packing for a trip can be hard. Here is my guide to help you pack for a week in Iceland!

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Depending on whether you're backpacking Europe or spending the weekend in New York, here are helpful tips on how to pick the best travel bag for you.

Tips for Traveling with Glasses

Losing or damaging your glasses while on a trip can be a nightmare. Follow these tips for traveling with glasses to avoid any mishaps on the road!

The Ultimate Travel Clutches and Pouches by TRUFFLE

TRUFFLE's clutches are chic yet practical and are perfect for your carry-on! Take a look at the diverse range of travel clutches and pouches by TRUFFLE!

Spring Bikini Styles for Every “Body”

I've put together this bikini style guide so you can find the perfect fit. Here are my favorite spring bikini styles for every body!