What to Pack for the Galápagos Islands

I planned out a range of outfits while figuring out what to pack for the Galápagos Islands, and ended up wishing I had brought some other essential items. Check out my Galapagos packing list here!

What to Pack for Winter in Europe

I was having some trouble figuring out what to pack for winter in Europe, and wasn't sure which outerwear would be best for my first European winter. After three weeks of adventures, here's my recommended European winter packing checklist!

Poncho Sweater Outfit from Backcountry

My new cream-colored poncho sweater is the perfect addition to a cool-weather wardrobe. Altogether, this poncho sweater outfit is perfect for traveling, exploring or just lounging around!

What to Pack for a Cold-Weather Trip

The key to packing for a winter trip is lots of warm layers, stylish coats, and quality outerwear. Here's what to pack for a cold-weather trip!

Fall Travel Style Guide: 2017 Edition

Layer up with earth colors, mini skirts and leggings-- be sure to grab some embroidered booties and accessories too. Check out my fall travel style guide!

Tips for Cleaning Clothes While Traveling

It can be hard to maneuver doing loads of laundry while on the go. Here are some of my top tips for cleaning clothes while traveling!

Morocco Outfit Inspiration

Local women dress conservatively, but you’ll see a wide range of styles. Here is Morocco outfit inspiration based on my own conservative travel styles!

What to Pack for a Trip to Morocco

I took my first trip to Morocco this past March and compiled my favorite travel outfits to help you prepare and pack for a trip to Morocco.

What to Wear in Morocco as a Female Traveler

Packing for a Muslim country can be tricky, especially in the summer. Here are some ideas for what to wear as a female traveler in Morocco!

What to Pack for an African Safari

I was confronted with a completely new packing dilemma when planning my trip to Kenya. What should I pack for an African safari?

Travel-Friendly Kimono Dress by Encircled

I’ve learned the value of versatile and functional fashion-- so I'm excited to share the travel-friendly Retrograde Kimono Dress by Encircled!

Travel Converter for High-End Styling Tools

I'm excited to share this travel converter because it’s the only converter in the world that can work with my high-end hair styling tools outside of the US!

2017 Coachella Outfit Inspiration

With a killer 2017 line up, you'll want to show up in style, so I've compiled some of my favorite pieces and Coachella outfit inspiration!

Sugar and Spice Holiday Lookbook

I wanted to share the holiday styles I'll be rocking around the Christmas tree this year-- check out my holiday lookbook, sugar and spice!

Galápagos Style Inspiration

The Galapagos Islands are a off-the-grid destination, but have the most pristine natural beauty I've ever seen. Check out my Galapagos style inspiration!

2016 New Year’s Eve Style Guide

It's that time of year again... time to break out the stilettos, sequins gowns, and champagne, and set off the New Year's Eve in style.