The Life is Beautiful Festival

The first ever Life is Beautiful Festival was a refreshingly chilled out festival that made purpose and inspiration the priority.

The Sounds of Summer Playlist

To ease my sorrows of the coming of Fall, I put together ten of my favorite songs from this Summer. For all you fellow sun-worshippers, I hope they take you to your "happy" place like they do for me.

My First Burning Man Experience

Over 65,000 people gather in Black Rock Desert for Burning Man. It's a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance.

The Paralympic Opening Ceremonies

My excitement for the games was indescribable. Never had I thought that I would be at any Olympic or Paralympic event. Ever. And yet here I was, ticket in hand, entering the Opening Ceremonies in London.

It’s Gonna be Colorful Tonight

It's pretty hard to write a blog post when you are completely speechless. So I'm just gonna throw it out there. Someone wrote me a song... and I heard my name being screamed by hundreds of people at a concert in Toronto.

VIDEO: The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona

My experience at the 2012 San Fermín Festival and Running of the Bulls in Pamplona.

Australia Travel Music Playlist

As you're reading this, I'm somewhere in the air on my 16-hour flight to Australia. I wanted to share a few songs that I'm really diggin at the moment (and that are currently helping me get through a seriously tortuous flight).

The Beginner’s Guide to The Yacht Week

To help those who are struggling with the initial questions like, "How Do I Prepare for The Yacht Week?," but don't need another "sunscreen, bikinis and beer" checklist, I have created this special guide just for you.

My Top Ten Travel Songs

Music has the power to take me back to a very specific moment, emotion, travel destination or home. Here are my top ten travel songs that never get old!

VIDEO: The Yacht Week Croatia

Week 30 of the Croatia south route with The Yacht Week... the summer trip of a lifetime!

San Fermín Festival: The Running of the Bulls

My stomach was in knots as the wave of red, white and bull sped through the street below. It was over in seconds as the crowd continued on towards the final destination, the Plaza de Toros.

San Fermín Festival: Opening Ceremony

The San Fermín Festival takes place in Pamplona, Spain every year. You may have never heard of the actual festival but it's internationally recognized for the famous Running of the Bulls.

10 Essential Tips for Your First Coachella

Over 100,000 people enjoy some of the biggest performances of the year at Coachella. Here are 10 essential tips for your first Coachella!

VIDEO: The Coachella Music Festival

My crazy and unforgettable weekend at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California!

Coachella 2011 Almost Killed Me

Note to self: Coachella 2012 - Don’t forget to pack a helmet, don’t neglect your electrolytes, and remember sunscreen is your best friend!

Ready, Set, SNOW! Off to Sundance I go!

I left with unforgettable memories, whirlwind romances, new friends and some incredible contacts for future adventures and philanthropy. I guess that's the magic of Sundance!