20 Photos to Inspire You to Go on The Yacht Week

During my first Yacht Week, I knew this amazing adventure had to be a yearly tradition. Since my first trip down the Adriatic coastline, I have now been on been aboard these gorgeous yachts in Greece, Italy, and Croatia. Here are my 20 photos to inspire you to go on The Yacht Week!

What to Pack for AfrikaBurn

How lucky am I to be just a short road trip away from the site of one of the planet’s most incredible events? Only 185 miles north of Cape Town, AfrikaBurn is held in Tankwa Karoo National Park. Get inspired by my ultimate AfrikaBurn packing guide.

The Ultimate AfrikaBurn Survival Guide

I finally made it to AfrikaBurn, and it was an otherworldly experience that I'd go back for time and time again. If you have South Africa on your bucket list, get there in time for it. Before you go, check out my ultimate AfrikaBurn survival guide.

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You'll want to show up in style at any music festival, so I've compiled some of my favorite pieces and Coachella outfit inspiration!

The Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Italy

Leading up to The Yacht Week Italy, I have to admit it was the route I was most excited about. This is definitely the most luxurious of TYW routes!

10 Reasons to Go on The Ski Week

Whether you are ready for the winter Olympics or don’t even know how to put your skis on, you are going to love The Ski Week.

Music Festival Inspired Travel Nails

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10 Reasons The Yacht Week Should be Your Next Girls’ Trip

Ready for the ultimate girls’ getaway? Its time to start planning your trip on The Yacht Week! I've done it four times with girlfriends and it is amazing.

The Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Croatia

I have a soft spot for the The Yacht Week Croatia route as it was my first experience with TYW. Here's a guide to everything you need to know!

The Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Greece

For me, The Yacht Week Greece is the most well-balanced route of them all. There is gorgeous sailing and destinations, delicious food and parties.

The Beginner’s Guide to The Running of the Bulls

The Running of the Bulls , or Encierro, takes place on the morning of the second day of the San Fermín Festival.

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How to Pack for The Yacht Week in a Carry-On

I'll walk you through the packing process step-by-step so you're both prepared and practical! Here's how to pack for The Yacht Week in a Carry-On!