About Alex & Michael

Hey y’all! We’re Michael Gallagher and Alexandra (Alex) Carson of Couple’s Coordinates! We have partnered with Kiersten to be the go to couples travel experts on The Blonde Abroad as we have been traveling together indefinitely since we left our corporate jobs in June and boarded a one-way flight to Italy. Our goal is to bring you the best tips, advice, and anecdotes from our experience traveling the world as a couple.

5 Romantic Places for Couples in the Czech Republic

Our favorite memories from our summer Europe trip are all the romantic places in the Czech Republic- Prague, Pilsen and more!

Why You Should Travel as a Couple Before Marriage

Through our travels together we have come up with a number of reasons why we believe you should travel as a couple before marriage!

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5 Romantic Places for Couples in Milan

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5 Romantic Places for Couples in Rome

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The Top Destinations for Couples this Summer

Travel can be one of the best things you do for your relationship. We've compiled the top destinations for couples to travel to this summer!

The Reality of Traveling as a Couple

The reality of traveling as a couple is the reality of a relationship. Challenges inevitably arise, and travel can make you closer together.

Do’s and Don’ts of Couples’ Travel

With couples travel, you’ll quickly learn that there are unwritten laws that you start to understand after a couple weeks on the road together.

How to Plan a Romantic Italian Getaway on a Budget

Making Italy romantic isn't hard, however making it budget-friendly might present problems. Follow these steps to a romantic Italian getaway on a budget!

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Why Couples That Travel Together Stay Together

We're here to tell you why couples that travel together, stay together- from growing together, facing adversity, to making memories!