Travel Themed Office Makeover

Over the last four years, I’ve traveled full-time travel and have to admit I was barely EVER home. Constantly being on-the-go may seem glamorous, but it has it downsides when you’re trying to build and maintain a successful business.

Whether it’s creating new blog posts, filming videos or packing for my next adventure, my office is a crucial room to me. But, over the past few years, my office space had turned more into an unorganized nightmare than a creative space.

I had been dreaming of a wanderlust-filled, modern, and chic travel-inspired space to spark new ideas for this blog and my brand, so I decided to partner with my friend Jen, from Life in Jeneral, a professional organization company, to clean out the mess and fill the room with inspiration again!

Check out my new travel-themed home office space!

– – The Project – –

My office was cluttered with items I still hadn’t unpacked from moving boxes that I brought home after leaving LA nearly 6 years ago. Receipts and random items would be dumped on my desk between trips and half packed suitcases cluttered the floor. Rather than a creative space, my office became my biggest anxiety.

Like most people dealing with organization issues, I avoided doing anything because it felt like I had no idea where to begin.

That’s where Jen from Life in Jeneral came in.

The project started with renovating my closet space, and revamping it with The Container Store’s elfa shelving system, and of course, Jen’s expertise. But that was just the beginning!

In my head, my dream office was light and airy, simple, and most importantly, an inspiring space for my business. Most importantly, I wanted a personal space in my house that essentially made my life easier– easier to pack, unpack, create, and store items!

Travel Office Renovation BeforeBefore

New Office SpaceAfter

Travel Office Closet BeforeBefore

New efla closet from The Container StoreAfter

Home Office Renovation BeforeBefore

Office RenovationAfter

– – Organization – –

My biggest issue with the office space was trying to organize and keep track of travel documents, receipts, business paperwork, and promotional items that companies send for me to review or use along my travels.

So, when Jen helped to organize my things, we created a system of labeled drawers, adorable boxes and convenient filing systems. We organized my photography gear, travel items, and even my travel-sized toiletries.

Now, everything has a home and is easily accessible whenever I need it!

I was also introduced to The Content Planner, a planner designed to help bloggers effectively plan social media and blog content month-to-month. Now that I have an organized office space and a planner to organize my content strategy, I feel unstoppable!

Office Organization

Office Space

Travel Themed Closet

Closet Organization

Travel Sized Toiletries

The Content Planner

Travel Office Makeover

– – Decor – –

My goal with renovating this office space was to fill it with travel inspired styles and decor from some of my favorite destinations around the world. I tried to incorporate different trips, vintage items, and vibrant accents to make it as personal, fun and comfortable as possible!

With the addition of this beautiful Bellacor wallpaper, vintage decor and souvenirs from my travels around the world, the space began to come together perfectly.

Vintage Wallpaper

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

Life in Jeneral

Panamanian Themed Room


This Ashford House Tropics White and Green Banana Leaf Wallpaper immediately caught my eye as the perfect fit for an accent wall. I loved the vintage leaves and the vibrant colors and used it as the inspiration for the rest of the decor around the room.

I can’t get enough of the print!

Travel Themed Office Decor

Organizing Travel Memories

Closet Decor

Bellacor Wallpaper

Vintage Books

World Map Pinboard

Travel Memories

I’ve collected a lot of souvenirs over the years, so I wanted a way to incorporate them without making the office space too cluttered again.

I found this amazing pin board so I can keep track of everywhere I’ve been– plus it fit into my vintage travel theme perfectly!

Life in Jeneral

– – Tips from the Professional – –

If you’re considering doing your own office or room makeover, there are a few things to take note of. You’ll want to make sure you have an organizational system, a creative direction for decor and theme, and the right items to fill the room with!

I’ve asked Jen to share some of her top tips for organizing a space, and keeping it organized, with you:

  • Stick to one or two colors and texture combinations– with the bins, baskets, etc.– to keep the space and vibe cohesive 
  • We love to organize clothing left to right, light to dark, within categories like: tank tops, short sleeves, long sleeves, jackets, etc.
  • Keep like items together and label each category– this helps with finding things and putting things away!
  • Most used items should be eye level, least used at the top and bottom
  • Matching hangers keep the space looking clean
  • Work though the space and make adjustments as needed, its okay to switch it up if something isn’t working for you
  • Maximize vertical space with shelving
  • Use hooks on the backside of closet door for hidden storage

“When we first started talking about re-designing Kiersten’s office space she had mentioned clean, simple, something inspiring to come home to. I also wanted to make things accessible, convenient, and functional.

We designed her closet space using Elfa, which we love for maximizing the space. The open shelving makes things really accessible and easy to differentiate what goes where.

We made space for all of her travel essentials and divided them per drawer, with her travel bags on the right side and her blog to do’s on the left.

An important step, which many people overlook, is taking inventory (what will be going into the space) before you design. This will ensure that you design the space according to your needs and not have any wasted space.

— Jen, Life in Jeneral


BESTAR Desk + Hutch \\ IKEA Desk Lamp \\ Target Bar Cart \\ Canvas Storage Boxes \\ Pineapple Decanter \\  Travel Pin Board


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