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As every traveler knows, multipurpose products are essential. The latest addition to my travel essentials list has seriously simplified my beauty routine. Thanks to Nad’s Exfoliating Body Wax Strips, I can get silky smooth, hair-free skin from a single TSA-friendly product.

Who doesn’t want soft, hairless legs 365 days a year? Sadly, trying to tote multiple products for hair removal and exfoliating can be a major pain when you’re traveling.

Enter Nad’s 2-in-1 Waxing Strips to save the day this bikini season!

Nad’s Exfoliating Body Wax Strips

Meet Nad’s Exfoliating Body Wax Strips

In case you have never heard of Nad’s, it is an Aussie-based brand that specializes in quick and easy at-home hair removal products, and their new product is particularly cool. It is the world’s first exfoliating wax strip that buffs away dead skin then gives you a perfect at-home (or on-the-go!) wax.

Rather than rushing to the salon before you go or trying to navigate the sometimes-scary world of foreign salons, you can save time and cash by just bringing your own hair removal products. With Nad’s Exfoliating Body Wax Strips, you’ve got everything you need in one ultrathin product.

As a bonus, Nad’s strips have a lovely smell.

Instead of having the bathroom reek of depilatory chemicals, you can actually enjoy the strips’ fresh pomegranate and grapefruit scent.

Nad’s Exfoliating Wax Strips

– – How to Use – –

The trick is to use the exfoliating strips every week. Regular exfoliation will not only keep your skin smooth but also prevent ingrown hairs. Who’s got time to exfoliate and wax? With these ultrasimple strips, you do!

Did you know that ingrown hairs happen when hair gets stuck underneath a dead layer of skin? By exfoliating your skin once or twice a week you can slough off dead skin and slash your odds of getting a painful ingrown hair.

I don’t know about you guys, but I sometimes go ages without exfoliating. Carrying an exfoliating body scrub when I am traveling is a major hassle and dry brushes aren’t very suitcase friendly either. The Nad’s 2-in-1 strips take up basically zero real estate in my luggage and they keep my skin looking flawless.

You can use the strips on your legs, bikini area, or underarms.

They are able to grab hairs as short as just 1.5 mm long, which is about the thickness of a penny, so you don’t have to wait until your hair gets long.

Nad’s Exfoliating Wax Strips

– – How They Work – –

We don’t often get new innovations in hair removal, so let me nerd out for just a second here and tell you about this new concept that Nad’s has invented: Xfol™ technology.

The Nad’s Xfol exfoliating action is what makes these strips so effective. Not only does it prevent ingrown hairs, it also creates an ideal surface for waxing so that you can grab even the shortest hairs with a single yank.

Using the outer surface of the 2-sided strip, you’ll gently exfoliate the area to be waxed. Then, using the palm of your hands, rub the strip in your hands until warm– this, along with the body heat from exfoliating, melts the wax between the strips.

Next, you’ll peel the strip apart very slowly to reveal two perfectly prepped wax strips!

Once you have exfoliated and waxed, you can soothe your skin and wipe away every spec of wax residue with the Nad’s Post Wax Calming Oil Wipes.

And that’s that, ladies! Forget about using your mama’s old razor, and step into the future with these handy little 2-in-1 strips.

Before your next trip, grab your own Nad’s Exfoliating Body Wax Strips at Target!

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This post was written in partnership with Nad’s. As always, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.
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