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Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

“There are seven days in the week and someday isn’t one of them.”

Too often, we discount our dreams by succumbing to a future of chance. “I’d love to travel the world… someday.” “I’ll go back to school… someday.” “I’ll finish that project… someday.”

Sound familiar?

Life isn’t just a game of chance. Perhaps, we have more control over our lives than we take responsibility for. Rather than saying “someday,” set an attainable timeframe for your goals. Instead of “I’d love to travel the world someday” try “I’m going to PLAN a trip to Europe for next summer.”

Even if you don’t end up reaching that goal, that simple twist of intention puts you a lot closer to actually making it happen. By creating that time frame, you might actually look into flights to Europe, you might actually save your money and you could very well take that trip you’ve been putting off for “someday.”

I know personally, if I hadn’t stopped allowing “someday” into my mindset, I never would have started to travel and this blog definitely wouldn’t exist.

My challenge for you:

What will you stop saying “someday” to?

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