It’s pretty hard to write a blog post when you are completely speechless. So I’m just gonna throw it out there.

Someone wrote me a song…

and I heard my name being screamed by hundreds of people at a concert in Toronto.

So ya, that just happened. And I’m still speechless.

When I first saw this I was listening to the video (not watching it) and then I heard my name and just about threw up from the shock.

Allow me to rewind…

Jesse and I met in Vegas a couple weekends ago with mutual friends. We all went out for Karaoke at some local dive bar and we all had a ton of fun together. See, I don’t sing. I’m one of those painfully awful singers who tortures their friends and families with loud singing, but would die if I ever had to actually sing in front of people. Sound familiar?

Clearly I’m at Karaoke to play the part of loud drunk singer/backup dancer.

Enter: Jesse. The guy who steals the bars’ hearts with “Brown Eyed Girl” and other sing-a-longs. First thought was that he did this a lot. Kind of like the people who are insanely good at Guitar Hero and you think, “They probably only practice this ONE song.” Maybe Jesse frequented the Karaoke scene and had his go-to’s and that’s how he won over all the ladies. Then, that awkward moment when

it turns out he really is an

incredibly talented professional musician.

The following morning we got a message from our hotel saying that Jesse had left a package for me at the front desk. My heart sank. Guys don’t do nice stuff for girls like me. Maybe I forgot something at the bar? (My hangover half hoped it was a breakfast burrito.)

The front desk clerk handed me over a big white envelope. I got “served.”

No I’m kidding.

Inside was a CD case.


I had no idea what was going on and was utterly confused until I put the CD in. A song started to play, “You’ve got that blonde hair blowing in the breeze…” Holy sh!t. Homeboy wrote me a song! It was a simple chorus at the time but I still couldn’t get over the scenario. Someone wrote and recorded me a song within 24 hours… while in Vegas. This is not real life.

Allow me to fast-forward…

Jesse went home to Toronto to do things that Canadians do. Like eat maple syrup, and say “eh,” and be really nice. (I swear Canadians are bred to be good people. They’re all SO nice.) And I went home to California to do things that Californians do. Like say “Californiaaaa,” and sit on the beach, and eat at In-N-Out.

I had no idea if I’d ever see Jesse again. We kept in touch, but just an occasional email or text. Over the weekend, I got an email from Jesse saying that he finished my song and included a link. Enter: crazy concert video with hundreds of people screaming my name.

So, I guess that brings me back to being speechless.

Jesse wrote and performed an amazing song for me and I’m here writing a mediocre blog post to tell the story. This is my life. Someone get this girl a skill-set. ASAP.

Most importantly, I wanted to thank Jesse. It’s not every day a guy has the heart (or balls) to do what he did. It is by far the nicest and most profound thing someone has ever done for me. THANK YOU JESSE!

If you liked the song, do me a favor and give Jesse some love for me. Check out his website or share the song and, who knows, maybe one day we’ll hear “Colorful” on the radio.


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