When I used think of a “Food Truck,” the term “Roach Coach” would come to mind. I have always identified these grease wagons with bloated bodies and poor quality county fair food… but all of that has changed! The food truck phenomenon showcases gourmet restaurants on wheels featuring everything from the organic to the international and everything in between.

I had the opportunity to attend the Pechanga Food Truck Festival in my hometown and my taste buds were delighted! Food from around the globe was offered, including Argentinian, Native American, Thai, French, Hawaiian… you name it! Not only is there international fare, but some food trucks are famed for offering some very unique foods. And I mean UNIQUE!

We stumbled upon alligator bites, BBBLT’s (lots of bacon), Captain Crunch coated lobster, and even potatoes on a stick!

It was a seriously hot day with more than 40 food trucks and about 10,000 attendees! For fellow foodies, this was a goldmine of new foods just waiting to be tasted! Some of the food trucks we saw at the event were Tornado Potato, Me So Hungry, The Lime Truck, Devilicious, Auntie’s Fry Bread, Mustache Mike’s and the Lobsta Truck. But don’t think you can’t take the food seriously with such funny truck names! There are plenty of five-star food trucks offering healthy organic meals and even gourmet desserts!

The food truck craze isn’t limited to actual festivals either. Some food trucks even have celebrity stardom after bring featured on programs such as “The Great Food Truck Race,”  “Eat Street,” and “Cupcake Wars.” My only question is whether this portable food sensation is an All-American fad or if the trend will make international headlines. Only time will tell!

Come one come all!

International Cuisine from a Restaurant on Wheels

Huge crowds make for long lines!

Unique Foods like the BBBLT! (Lots of bacon!)

Something deep fried and cheesy! Yes please!

Tornado Potato!

“The Lime Truck” winner of “The Great American Food Truck Race”

Native American Fusion

Indian Fry Bread – Vegetarian!


Get Organic out the side of a Truck

The End!

Have you eaten from a food truck? What did you eat?!

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