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  1. Elizabeth

    What a great list!!! My family and I have been based in Thailand for six years, mostly in Phuket. We now live in Chiang Mai and love it here but absolutely miss the beaches in the South. Krabi is a lovely area too.

    I’d add Penang to this list. We’re about to go there again in a week and usually visit the island 4 times a year. Georgetown is so beautiful and has incredible architecture.

    Bali is absolutely on my must visit list and hope to go there sometime next year.

  2. Mike

    Great destinations ! I have been searching for places to kayak in this cold weather it becomes so hard to go for it. I am new to kayaking and i just want to explore destinations all around the world. I will surely visit all of them.

    • Do you know of any places in Maldives to kayak ?