The Girl’s Guide to a California Coast Road Trip

A stay in California wouldn’t be complete without a road trip up Pacific Coast Highway. Here's the ultimate girl's guide to the California Coast road trip!

May 10, 2016|

Where to Find the Best Food in Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina in my opinion is one of the best cities in the US to plan a weekend getaway in. Here's my guide to the best food in Charleston!

May 2, 2016|

Celebrating The Blonde Abroad Blog’s 4th Birthday at the Madonna Inn

I got to spend The Blonde Abroad Blog's 4th Birthday at the Madonna Inn! Talk about the ultimate girls' getaway- this 1950's inn is a girly heaven.

April 14, 2016|

The Ultimate Guide to New York City in a Weekend

It’s a weekend in the Big Apple, and you’re all revved up for shopping, tasty eateries, and sightseeing. Here's my guide to New York City in a weekend!

April 13, 2016|

Reasons to Live Large This Year

Adventure is important for self-growth. When we dive into the unknown and push ourselves to explore unfamiliar territories, even in the smallest way, we open ourselves to new possibilities.

March 25, 2016|

The Ultimate Guide to South Beach, Miami in a Weekend

South Beach is famed for its trendy nightlife, Cuban influences, beautiful beaches and art deco buildings. Here's my guide to South Beach, Miami!

March 24, 2016|

The Ultimate Guide to Joshua Tree in a Weekend

Named after the native yucca, the beautiful desert will amaze you with its serene beauty. Here's my guide to Joshua Tree in a adventure-filled weekend!

March 15, 2016|

Where to Find the Best Brunch in Manhattan

Brunch in New York is a big thing- some people love it, some hate it . As a brunch veteran, here are my tips on where to find the best brunch in Manhattan!

March 5, 2016|

The Ultimate West Hollywood Travel Guide

Home to the Sunset Strip, my West Hollywood Travel Guide will help plan your next trip. The best things to so, see and places to play while in Los Angeles!

February 24, 2016|

Where to Find the Best Food in San Francisco

San Francisco is a city that is a strong contender to NYC when it comes to awesome food. Here are my favorites places for food in San Francisco!

February 23, 2016|

How to Plan a Romantic Los Angeles Staycation

If we could have our way, every weekend would mean a new country. But sometimes that's not possible- so here are our tips for a Los Angeles Staycation!

February 21, 2016|

Where to Find the Best Food in Nashville

Nashville’s nickname is “Music City,” but country tunes are not the only thing this Tennessee destination has to offer- here's the best food in Nashville!

February 13, 2016|